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  • Януш Корчак
    Я хочу, чтоб поняли и полюбили чудесное, полное жизни и ошеломляющих неожиданностей творческое "не знаю" современной науки о ребенке.
  • Франсуаза Дольто
    Уважать ребенка – это значит предложить ему модель поведения и предоставить возможность не подражать ей.
  • Жан-Жак Руссо
    Скучные уроки годны лишь на то, чтобы внушить ненависть и к тем, кто их преподает, и ко всему преподаваемому.
  • Аристотель
    Ученикам, чтобы преуспеть, надо догонять тех, кто впереди, и не ждать тех, кто позади.
  • Жан-Жак Руссо
    Пусть ученик не заучивает науку, а выдумывает ее сам.
  • Франсуаза Дольто
    Ребенок – наш посредник в отношениях с реальностью.
  • Антон Павлович Чехов
    Дети святы и чисты. Даже у разбойников и крокодилов они состоят в ангельском чине. Сами мы можем лезть в какую угодно яму, но их должны окутывать в атмосферу приличную их чину.
  • Лао Цзы
    Если я ничего не навязываю людям, они становятся собой.
  • Януш Корчак
    Я хочу, чтоб поняли и полюбили чудесное, полное жизни и ошеломляющих неожиданностей творческое "не знаю" современной науки о ребенке.
  • Франсуаза Дольто
    Уважать ребенка – это значит предложить ему модель поведения и предоставить возможность не подражать ей.
  • Aristotle
    Students, in order to succeed, need to catch up with those who are ahead, and do not wait for those who are falling behind.
  • A. Einstein
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Boring lessons are only suitable for instilling hatred both to those who give them and to what is taught.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    We should not teach children the sciences; but give them a taste for them.
  • Laozi
    If I don't impose anything on people, they become what they are.
  • Françoise Dolto
    A child is our mediator in dealing with reality.
  • Françoise Dolto
    To respect a child is to offer them a model of behavior and to give them the opportunity not to follow it.
  • Janusz Korczak
    I should like to teach others how to understand and love that wonderful
    effervescent creative "I don't know" as regards contemporary knowledge of the child , replete with dazzling surprises.
Let's Be Friends
Our main method is to listen and to hear. After all, a person on his own knows perfectly well which way he needs to go to become the best version of himself. Our task is to find and implement this path together.
How does it work?
Informal Education technologies provide freedom of choice for each person and help to make the process truly creative.
Our entire teaching staff not only shares the philosophy of the Humanistic Approach in pedagogy, but also knows how to implement it in practice.
We recognize everyone's right to interact with the material in their own rhythm. We do not adjust children to a single standard.

We understand that different people perceive information differently – for some, visual perception is most important, others perceive it better «by ear», and others have a figurative model of interaction with the world. At the same time, we are trying to develop the «Caesar's talent», which is so in demand in the 21st century.
It is clear that it is almost impossible to separate the game, study and life – so we don't do it. We try to just live. Here and now.
Today, more and more often you can hear the phrases «another child», «indigo child», «non-standard child». Aren't all children «different», «non-standard»? For us they are. And that is amazing!
  • Dima
    Hi! I invented Apelsin because I like to communicate with people more than anything, regardless of their age and height. Well, I also really, really love creativity. Especially in a good company.
  • Natasha
    I love fairy tales, I believe in good wizards, dwarves and elves, magic wands and flying carpets. Apelsin is my long-standing dream. I have always wanted to create a space for free creativity, where every child can fulfill himself.
  • Dora
    modeling, history of the city, mathematics
    The language closest to me is the language of colors, shades and shapes. Water-color and gouache, clay and plasticin — these are the best tools for self-expression.
  • Masha
    "Apelsin" is a place of creativity, knowledge, freedom, choice, warmth and support.
    Here everyone is important, everything matters.
  • Olya
    teacher of the first level
    Hi. I have been working with children of different ages for many years. But, to be honest, I especially like younger ones. They are so curious and so talented. And together we discover and explore the WORLD.
  • Regina
    drama class, media, teacher of the third level
    I used to think that curiosity was something frivolous, but it turned out that owing to it you can do interesting, important things and make discoveries.
    I am glad that at elective theater lessons we try, play, learn to speak through the theater. This is a very lively and creative process, where I myself learn a lot from actors!
    For me, Apelsin is a space filled with an atmosphere where you will be heard and helped. There is a dialogue here, the unity of so many different people and real co-creation!
  • Lena
    teacher of the first level
  • Vika
    teacher of the first level
    I managed to be a meteorologist and photographer, and also a sailor and a guide. And now I can combine all of this, because being a teacher at Apelsin is the most creative job in the world. I also learn every day from my youngest children, and Apelsin was exactly the place where I realized that every person is the whole Universe. Therefore, I try not to teach them, but to gently introduce them to the world and share all the most wonderful and amazing things, that's how real magic appears.
  • Katya
    teacher of the first level
  • Tanya
    yoga, teacher of the first level
    I am interested in a lot of things, and what I am interested in, I try to explore in every possible way. Doing it in our Apelsin Team is much more fun. My favorite language is movement. And in yoga classes we will discover the magic of owning your own body. See you soon.
  • Inga
    teacher of the first level
    Apelsin is a place where it's not scary to be yourself, a place where your feelings and thoughts matter.
    I work with children who are 5-7 years old and learn from them to be surprised by things that have become obvious to us adults. Making discoveries every day – isn't it wonderful?
  • Ira
    My main passion is sports. Therefore, we spend every free minute in Apelsin in sports entertainment: ball games and fitness, snowball fights and exercise. Bring your skis and we'll go skiing!
  • Masha
    teacher of the second level
    Apelsin for me is a place where different people of different ages with different ideas live here and now, chase their dreams, and everyone's dream is unique! And that's amazing when you see how people are seeking, creating, inventing, doubting, finding, admiring, and sometimes just being sad. And it's cool when there are people around who will share both joy and sadness with you!
  • Ira
    teacher of the second level
    I remember my childhood very well. And I remember how a funny toy was bought to me — a kaleidoscope. I immediately opened it. Jagged fragments of ordinary multicolored glass spilled out of it. But when I looked at these pieces of glass through the window of a kaleidoscope — it was magic! Each piece is a jewel! And what bizarre patterns they formed! And so are the children. Everyone is a discovery, a jewel! And in every situation they manifest themselves in a new way.
  • Tanya
    teacher of the second level
    I love learning, teaching and having fun. I'm best at coming up with games and playing them in class. The more games, the better the knowledge J
  • Alla
    teacher of the second level
    Hello. I believe that every day brings us something magical, the main thing is to be able to see it. For 10 years now I have been helping little people learn to write, read and count. And they, of course, sometimes give me the opportunity to look at the world through their eyes….Through the eyes of the Childhood itself… And believe me — it's Magical.
  • Sveta
    calligraphy, sewing, teacher of the second level
    Maybe we may not always be able to do what we want to do, but if we only did what we wanted, we would never have started. The spring of youth is still not over.
  • Natasha
    Apelsin is a place for creativity and getting to know yourself over and over again.
    - And in math lessons either?
    - Especially on them! Learning with pleasure, humor and discoveries every day — this is about Apelsin!
  • Anya
    Russian language, friend of the third level
  • Yugko
    calligraphy, a friend of the third level
    I have a very unusual name, but it's easy to remember: Yugko (in Russian it means «South»). I love smiles, light, bright colors, activity, and I am glad to be with you in Apelsin, where it is possible to combine all of this. Also, I believe that one of the difficult and useful skills of a person is the ability to be friends. And in such a big team, it is definitely a necessary and important skill to learn.
  • Anya
    English lesson, friend of the first level
  • Masha
    English language
    Hi! For me, English is about opportunities. About confidence while traveling, about career prospects, about access to materials that have not yet been translated (and perhaps will not be). About the romance of reading original books and watching your favorite movies with the original voiceover. And also about the opportunity to have a great time doing and studying things that you like.
  • Sasha
    outdoor games
    For me, Apelsin is definitely not a job… it's rather a small door to summer. Into a parallel universe with its own rules and morals. The best is in me!
    About me: let me do…
  • Olya
    Russian language
    Hi, my name is Olya. I help kids to study for Russian language and literature final exams. And I believe that exams are just an excuse to have fun and organize knowledge.
  • Anya
    social studies, history
  • Marusya
    chemistry, biology
    Hi, I'm Marusya! What could be more interesting than exploring yourself? Only exploring the world around you. How do plants survive in the desert, how does a hummingbird hang in the air, how does breathing work and how to make an indicator out of cabbage?
    Anatomy, physiology, zoology, botany, chemistry, ecology — these are just a few sciences that we get acquainted with in our lessons. Would you like to join us?
  • Igor
    Hello, I'm Igor, my profession is a chessplayer. What task do I set for myself? So that a person of 6 years old sitting down with his dad at the chessboard would easily win the game. Of course, if Dad is not a grandmaster)
  • Galya
    I can boast that my lesson is the most delicious and one of the most popular.
    A cooking lesson is all the joys at once: cheerful communication, slicing salads, roses made of dough and apples, face masks made of flour and cucumbers…
    The variety of life is in the variety of tastes.
  • Dima
    Hi! I've loved mathematics and programming since school. And I didn't like chemistry, I usually got bad grades. I entered the university as a chemist, became a candidate of chemical sciences, but my love for programming was stronger. Now I teach IT and programming! Do what you love and love what you do.
  • Vitya
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